5 Quick Tips Avoid Malware on Android

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5 Quick Tips Avoid Malware on Android5 Quick Tips Avoid Malware on Android

Not all Android apps are safe to use. Although you download through the Android Market, it is also possible that the application is malicious. Moreover, if obtained from a site that does not clear the source. 5 Quick Tips Avoid Malware on Android

Effect that is harmful applications may contain malware that can steal personal data again, or worse, damaging your phone.

Here are some quick tips you can do to keep your Android phone from malware.

1. Always looking for information about the maker application. See what is offered by other applications. Do they look pretty suspicious. If so, better not use it

2. Read reviews about the online application. Review at Android Market is not always reliable. Try to explore the virtual world to see sites that have good reputations.


3. Always check there approval of the relevant application. When you download or update the applications, some may require approval to it. But there are also applications that do not need information about your contacts.

Please note: if an application asks more than what he needs to do its job, skip it. 5 Quick Tips Avoid Malware on Android

4. Avoid direct install Android Package (APK). When the game first came Angry Birds for Android, it can only be obtained through a third party. This is called? Sideloading? or installing an application through the document format. GER.

Although Angry Birds are not malware, it is recommended not to download and install any file. GER is encountered. Will not know what is contained in a file before you install it, and it was too late.

5. Use the malware or antivirus scanner on your phone. Many companies already provide network security free antivirus application. 5 Quick Tips Avoid Malware on Android


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