5 Most Popular LED-LCD 3D TV of the Media Version in 2011

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5 Most Popular LED-LCD 3D TV of the Media Version in 20115 Most Popular LED-LCD 3D TV of the Media Version in 2011

Have the desire to replace the old TV with a 3D TV? Read this one first before you one step . 5 Most Popular LED-LCD 3D TV of the Media Version in 2011

Last year, 3D TV does not seem to have included in the list of must-have items. Especially when the technology is still considered less friendly. But in 2011, prices have started to affordable 3D TV and a matter of convenience was no doubt.

Conventional 3D TV or 3D TV is on, active wear glasses so-called Shutter Glass. Shutter glasses glass consists of a pair of small LCD screens that alternately block the image on the left and right lens to adjust the picture on TV. The effect is to display different images (3 dimensions) to our eyes. But if the batteries wear glasses that are not in perfect position, which we find even image ghosting, blurred or double even the so-called crosstalk. Unfortunately, many are disappointed with this technology. Glasses are heavy and too expensive (about 1 million rupiah per fruit), as well as complaints of eye fatigue and headaches also appear.

Currently, we have another option that is passive 3D TV. This type of TV using polarized 3D glasses or goggles called FPR (Film Patterned Retarder) that can generate 3-dimensional images without depending on any electronics on glasses. Why is that? Because in this type of TV, the TV has separate left and right image to our eyes. There was no flicker, brighter and clearer images. So our eyes do not have to work hard. About the price, FPR glasses are sold only about 60 to 100 thousand dollars only. Hmm … It’s starting to make a choice? We go first to be more stable.

The companies that manufacture the active 3D TV 3D TV passive states that are worse because it makes the audience can not enjoy the full 1080p resolution, because the effect of image separation. But the companies that produce passive 3D TV can not remain silent, they claim that the human brain can still accept the resolution as good as the combined image to both eyes fixed 1080p.

“When we conduct tests on the two technologies side by side, we found no significant difference in picture quality. Because polarized sunglasses are cheaper and more comfortable to wear, we recommend a passive 3D TV if you would watch a lot of 3D movies. “-PC World-

“Based on the results of laboratory tests and visual tests to compare the 3D TV with FPR passive glasses with 3D TVs that use active shutter glasses glass, we found that 3D TV using passive glasses proved to be better on the overall 3D images, 3D contrast and image depth 3D, 3D acuity better, and free of image ghosting, crosstalk and flicker. “-Dr. Raymond Soneira, Gizmodo- 5 Most Popular LED-LCD 3D TV of the Media Version in 2011

5 Most Popular LED-LCD 3D TV of the Media Version in 2011

Now, are you ready to see The 5 Best 3D TV version of 2011 PC World? Was ready to make a choice? Here it is …

1. LG Infinia 47LW6500


LG 3D TV production is impressive passive testers with a depth of 3-dimensional exceptional and sharp image quality. However, dark pictures which look too bright with this TV. It is recommended to lower the brightness level if you want to watch 3D content.

2. Samsung UN46D8000

Results of testing the active 3D TV is pretty close to the LG Infinia 47LW6500. Has a 3-dimensional depth is pretty good and is able to produce 3D effects without sacrificing color or contrast.

3. Infinia LG 50PZ950

TV this one is a great example of the improvement in the current 3D TVs this year. Effects such as extreme foreground image seeds floating in the film Avatar, comes up with good pictures and minimal crosstalk.

4. Sony Bravia 46HX820

In testing, the active 3D TV is showing a nice 3-dimensional depth. In some cases it can even produce 3D images more detail than other 3D TV.

5. Vizio XVT3D650SV

Depth of 3-dimensional image on a passive 3D TV this one is slightly less and the effect on the foreground was not as sharp as the above-mentioned 3D TV. But overall still considered good enough.

Because the predicate is best 3D TV, I was interested in ‘mengulik’ on LG Infinia 47LW6500 and began to lead to browse the official website of one of Korea’s electronics giant. What I find more and makes me confident. How not they make a test article, the reporters that in fact involve not ‘the LG’. A number of journalists were invited to be asked to blind test, which is trying to 3 pieces LED 3D TV from a different brand complete with 3D glasses and the supporters of each. All brands covered, so we will not know which brand of TV tested came from. In addition, for fairness all three settings on the TV are also equated. The result, 33 of 35 print and electronic media journalists nationwide pick the TV with LED label B as the most comfortable 3D TV in the eyes (not a headache), the brightest image three dimensions, and the most lightweight and comfortable that its 3D glasses. Having jointly opened, the TV turned out to be labeled B LG Cinema 3D TV. 5 Most Popular LED-LCD 3D TV of the Media Version in 2011


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