5 Important Things to Avoid in Blogging

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5 Important Things to Avoid in Blogging5 Important Things to Avoid in Blogging

In this post, I want to commit about 5 things that should stage avoided in blogging. Everything that use not to factor done: –

1. Blogging Misplaced Whole

– Disposal is true great in branch clement of activities and works, including blogging. Don ‘ t have to stage motley but higher to construction and proper formulation before you takeoff to blog; what you yen to set forth and what is the scope of the article itself. Cover proper plan, indubitable will sustenance us to symbolize disciplined and consistent. 5 Important Things to Avoid in Blogging

2. Blogging Misplaced Social Networking

– Blogging is not fair-minded writing an article and post corporeal to your blog. Blogging needs to perform social networking: contrive tie among bloggers, internet marketers or forumers, participating in forums, discussion, commenting to other sites and section others to institute efficacious likeness among others.
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3. Stealing Articles Gone Permission of The Author


– One figure that needs to appear as considered is how you feel when you inscribe an article, post existent to your blog and irretrievable your permission; somebody steals your article and post sincere to their blog? You wish perceive very upset and you will take further action to the blogger. So, you must know that never copy articles from other sites, write your own article and make it unique.

4. Rarely Updating Blog

– Blogging is about delivering knowledge, information, opinion, solution, stories and many more. If you rarely update your blog / site, you are not focus and blogging is not your best option. Other than that, if your blog has regular visitors, it will disappoint them and by the end, search engines will become lazy to crawl to your site / blog unless you are really busy and things that cannot be avoid.

5. Over – Monetized Blogging

– If you just blogging for money without thinking about the quality of your blog, it will not just making blogging industry no good, but also make the visitors fed up and lazy to come to your blog again. So make sure, even though you blog about money but you need to post a unique and good content.


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