5 Healthy Beverage Substitute of Water

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5 Healthy Beverage Substitute of Water5 Healthy Beverage Substitute of Water

Fatigue sometimes causes the body to become dehydrated. Sipping a glass of water could be the best way to hydrate the body. Unfortunately, not everyone likes to drink water. Quite often, people prefer sweet drinks or berelektrolit ion believed to be able to restore lost body and prevent dehydration. 5 Healthy Beverage Substitute of Water

However, you should not drink it. As reported Boldsky, Monday (27/2), there are a few drinks a good substitute for water when dehydrated hit.

Coconut Water

Young coconut water is the best alternative to overcome the dehydration of the body and is very safe to be consumed throughout the day. Coconut water also contains a good variety of minerals, like potassium, calcium, sodium, sulfur, phosphorus and chloride.

This drink is also useful as a diuretic, which is very effective to accelerate the expenditure of urine, diarrhea and heart burn. In addition, coconut water also contains no cholesterol and low in fat, so it is more nutritious than the milk.



Buttermilk is the milk remaining after the fat removed from the condensed milk. Residual milk is highly recommended for people with stomach disorders, because the milk is working to neutralize the acid released by the stomach and the stomach cool. In addition, the buttermilk is a source of calcium, riboflavin, and vitamins. 5 Healthy Beverage Substitute of Water

Acid content of the buttermilk also fight bacteria and germs. To control the diarrhea, try to drink buttermilk mixed with a little salt, three to four times a day.

Juice of Citrus Fruits

A glass of fresh lemon juice or the packaging is the best way to get instant energy. These drinks contain lots of vitamins and antioxidants that can refresh a tired body.


Warm soup every day to be the healthiest way to restore the fluid in the body. These foods also contain a complete vitamin, mineral and energy generation. Steamed vegetables in them also have high nutritional value and can be filling the stomach.


Popsicles are a frozen juice and water can be used as the best alternative in lieu of water. In the ice cream contains 60-65 percent water. So, when you feel tired and thirsty, you can eat ice cream that can boost energy and help get rid of hunger. 5 Healthy Beverage Substitute of Water



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