5 Facts About Tea

Tuesday, April 10th, 2012 - Business Gallery

5 Facts About Tea5 Facts About Tea

Most of the people of Indonesia are already familiar with the tea. Drinks made from a mixture of water and dried tea leaves are apparently a lot of fans. 5 Facts About Tea

Here are five facts about tea that is still not widely known, is delivered by Ratna Somantri, a tea lover and expert, who met at the ‘Tea Talk’ on Tuesday (6/2).

1. Most popular drinks

Tea is the beverage most consumed by the people of Indonesia and the world after water. In fact, the amount of tea lovers have continued to rise in some countries, especially tea good for health benefits, such as avoiding the risk of cancer and heart disease.

2. Character drinks

Tea is always showing a sense of the original. Although tea is mixed with a variety of flavors or serve food, such as ice cream, the original flavor remains and is not lost. 5 Facts About Tea

3. thousands Kind


Generally, the type of tea on the market are black tea, green tea and blended. But in fact, tea has thousands of species and not all of them are marketed in the country. In Indonesia, tea consumption of 0.8 kilograms per capita per year is still far below other countries in the world, even though Indonesia is the country’s fifth-largest tea producer in the world.

4. Traditional to Pop Tea

Way in the modern tea packaging shifting. Now the tea is more modern and advanced. Tea has been proven in the form of tea bags, tea and bottled ready to drink, brewed tea, tea sticks and even up to now there are tea powder (instant tea) that are sold on the market.

5. Lifestyle

From time immemorial, tea has become a lifestyle. Moreover, China as the country’s tea inventor who makes tea as a beverage of the emperor. Just as European countries, which became the tea as a beverage in the elite / aristocracy. That’s why tea has now become a lifestyle for some people. 5 Facts About Tea



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