5 Cheap and Quality Mobile Android in Class

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5 Cheap and Quality Mobile Android in Class

5 Cheap and Quality Mobile Android in Class – Mobile phone with high quality, of course always be consumers target. With cell phones / mobile phones are comfortable to wear, as well as its sophistication, it will make the consumer / user happy. In recent years, began to bloom android based mobile phone market, which was much demand. In this article I will discuss about the 5 Cheap and Quality Mobile Android in Class which will probably be a reference / referral information for those of you who are looking for quality phone at a price not too expensive (affordable). This is the coverage:

5 Cheap and Quality Mobile Android in Class

HTC One X – 698.67 USD

HTC One X best

For those who are very hungry for the performance of a mobile phone but would like his cell phone battery is quite adequate, HTC X One may be an option. Equipped with 1.5 GHz quad core processor, an internal capacity of 32 GB, 1GB RAM, and operating system Android Ice Cream Sandwich, HTC X One is bound to make satisfaction to its users. And, from the reviews, user reviews I get, although specification high, HTC X One was quite efficient in terms of battery usage.

One current HTC X is officially introduced in Indonesia and the price has been notified by HTC, but HTC still has not officially sold in Indonesia and said it would sell officially in the near future. However, it’s been circulating HTC X One is not officially in Indonesia that can be found in online forums or on some mobile phone shops in Jakarta.

Sony Xperia S – 582.21 USD

Sony Xperia S best

Android phone with elegant design of this Sony has officially sold in Indonesia since April. Specifications are under HTC One X but according to the price offered. Sony Xperia S is equipped with 1.5 GHz dual core processor, 32 GB internal capacity, 1GB RAM, a 12 MP camera, and the Gingerbread Android operating system (which in the near future can be upgraded to the Ice Cream Sandwich). Specification that is sufficient in my opinion to a high-end mobile phones.
The most interesting part of the Sony Xperia S in my opinion is the density of the screen that makes viewing the screen became clearer and Sony Xperia S has notification lights on the front so that there is any call or SMS or other notification will be displayed in the form of light like the BlackBerry. For about the performance of batteries in the Sony Xperia S, mediocre performance standards of most smartphones. However, some mobile phone Xperia S is rumored to have problems around the yellow tint.


Samsung Galaxy W – 316.57 USD

Samsung Galaxy W best

Samsung Galaxy W in my opinion is a phone that is perfect for those who want to buy a new Android phone for the first time or want Android mobile phone with good performance but not expensive. With a relatively inexpensive price, the Samsung Galaxy W is equipped with 1.4 GHz processor, 1.7 GB internal capacity, 512MB RAM, and a 5MP camera. With the specifications offered, the user should be able to run many applications smoothly. And, as I try, Samsung Galaxy W nice to handle and relatively lightweight and the design was pretty good. 5 Cheap and Quality Mobile Android in Class

LG Optimus Net Dual P698 – 177.34 USD

LG Optimus Net Dual P698 - best

For most mobile phone users in Indonesia, features dual SIM card is definitely one of the factors taken into consideration when looking to buy a cell phone. This is reasonable because the SIM Card in Indonesia is very cheap and every operator provide different benefits. Well, handphone LG P698 Optimus Dual Net may be suitable for those looking for Android mobile phone with dual SIM card. The price is relatively cheap for an Android phone. Its own mobile phone specifications do not vary much with the Samsung Galaxy Y, which is equipped with a 800 MHz processor, 150 MB internal capacity, RAM 512 MB, and 3.15 MP camera.

Samsung Galaxy Y – 131.18 USD

Samsung Galaxy Y bestphone
For those who have not been able to buy mobile phones at a price that millions of Android, Samsung Galaxy Y may be an option. Official price is quite cheap and I’m sure most of the bag into the Android mobile phone enthusiasts, especially for students. This mobile phone is equipped with a 830 MHz processor, 290 MB Ram, and the internal capacity of 180 MB. Specifications offered by the phone is actually less if we want to run Android applications comfortably, but with the price offered is quite appropriate specifications. When compared with two years ago, the Android mobile phone with specs like this could cost around 3 million dollars.

5 Cheap and Quality Mobile Android in Class, Thus our review this time, hopefully can provide valuable additional information for those of you who are looking for quality mobile phone with cheap price (affordable price). Happy Shopping



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