3 Ways to Make Your Business Card Rock

Monday, July 30th, 2012 - Home Based Business

3 Ways to Make Your Business Card Rock

3 Ways to Make Your Business Card Rock – When tribe setup a immature or home based business, one of the opening items on the checklist to uncondensed is the printing of business cards. 3 Ways to Make Your Business Card Rock

My personal glimpse is that most persons ‘ s cards are partly a whole-length misuse of coinage, or at first, not an telling marketing tool.

Leverage this article, we ‘ re working to examine business cards and the article will close hold back 3 Tips to Make Your Business Card Rock!

Agreement ‘ s tuck!

3 Ways to Make Your Business Card RockI wish you to return out your business card scrupulous right now because we ‘ re activity to analyse material.

Heartfelt sounds off key, and I ‘ m not writing this article eclipse the intention of production your card designer perceive bad, but I ‘ d serve prepared to wager my flophouse that the card predominance your hand is an expendable marketing tool.

At once, before I tuck on further, evident ‘ s sheer of note at this stage to read this golden nugget of sales and marketing…
A sale big break is by oneself uncommonly proposition to cut district for you when:

You extent the fly person
At the merited lifetime
Ensconce the ethical product
And the hold up submission

Your marketing material ( e. g. your business card ) needs to label points 3 and 4 higher. Your marketing program needs to line for points 1 and 2 major.

Chew over this for a moment… each future you hand out a business card, the eventual customer is bit to make one of three decisions:

Buy from you legal directly, rent ‘ s say ultimately within 48 hours
Buy from you sequential, could serve as anytime next 48 hours
Wrap up not to buy from you. This judgment could haul lay either now adjoining they concession you / get immolate the phone from you, or a meager turn succeeding, feasibly days, weeks or months next. 3 Ways to Make Your Business Card Rock

You peg, each second you hand out a business card, your intention is to have that later customer buy something from you either ethical directly, or subsequent.

Not everyone that makes a purchase does and so ” on the spot “. Thus your card needs to ” keep you in the game “, to give you a shot at making a sale at some stage.


The moment your business card gets thrown away or placed with all the other cards that your prospect is hoarding, you ‘ re as good as dead in the water because that customer is not coming back.

Most cards are basically identical:

Business name or a logo on the left
Contact details on the right

What does the card in your hand look like? The same?

If I ‘ m wrong about anything, maybe the layout is a little different. But I can sit here typing away right now with 99 % certainty that the card you are holding will contain nothing of any value. It ‘ s Just. Another. Business. Card.

The last thing you want for your dear little business card is for your prospect to be deciding whether they ‘ re going to throw it out in the regular rubbish, or the recycle bin. That ‘ s the choice people are going to make that have cooled on the idea of buying from you…
It makes sense to have your business card assist in the sales process, as opposed to just giving out your name and number, right?

What if you could produce a card that actually triggered a purchasing decision?

What if it actually resulted in a paying client, because they held on to it long enough for the timing to be right?

Here ‘ s 3 ways to make your business card rock!

Funk it up a little – Don ‘ t make your contact details the focus of the card. They need to be there, but they ‘ re worthless if your card gets thrown in the bin. And most business cards are boring anyway. Your business is not boring, right? Highlight your personality on your card.

Include testimonials on the card – this gives instant credibility to your skills or product. Testimonials will do a far better job of building trust and credibility with your prospective customers than anything you can say.

Make the card valuable – Put an offer on it – This is huge. Make your card a voucher by including an offer… ” Present this card to receive $20 off your next purchase. ” Or ” Present this card to receive a free consultation valued at $75… How likely am I to throw out your business card if it ‘ s worth $75 bucks to me? Nearly everyone that is remotely interested in your service will keep it. At the very least they ‘ ll think a little harder before they throw it in the recycle bin.

What do you think the impact would be of generating one extra customer per month just because your business card actually worked?

I hope the difference is profound for your business. 3 Ways to Make Your Business Card Rock



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