3 Tips to Digital Camera Battery Saving

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3 Tips to Digital Camera Battery Saving3 Tips to Digital Camera Battery Saving

Digital camera as a device that must have taken while traveling. Especially if you want to visit places of tourist favorites with friends and family. 3 Tips to Digital Camera Battery Saving

But what is the main obstacle of the most hated of the users? Yes, the battery! Quite irritating if at the time you want to capture the best moments in a picture, the camera’s battery was already very weak.

To that end, here are three simple tips that might help save and prolong battery life, as quoted by CNET.

A. Perform the settings on the LCD
Of the many components in digital cameras, LCD is one of the most suck up battery power. Various products are now cameras have settings to adjust the brightness on the LCD.

If your battery starts to weaken, immediately reduce lighting levels to the lowest level. It should be noted that lowering the brightness a bit difficult for you to see LCD in sunlight.


2. Use the ‘Power Saving’
Most digital cameras currently available have such features. As the name implies, this feature will perform a variety of ways to minimize the use of battery power.

You can find the Power Saving in one location, for example, Menu, Settings, or Options. Combine this feature with tips number 1 above to be able to shoot more before the battery runs out. 3 Tips to Digital Camera Battery Saving

3. Regular battery maintenance
What do you feel when your nation of camera batteries have reached one or two years? Yes, loss of quality. Of the original can last much longer now become much faster.

As a treatment, you are not recommended to recharge the battery when the power in it is still relatively full. That is, use the first power of the battery until it is completely discharged.

Should not be used for a long time, always make sure there is still power left in the battery. Finally, not to drop it from heights as potentially damaging to any cell polarity in it. 3 Tips to Digital Camera Battery Saving


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