3 Possible Online Jobs That May Suitable For You

Thursday, March 28th, 2013 - Home Based Business

3 Possible Online Jobs That May Suitable For You

The economy is in equivalent a state that abounding are looking to add fresh income to their converse. The common staples of spirit are scene up in price and individuals ‘ s paychecks dependable aren ‘ t able to cover stable. Forasmuch as whether you ‘ re a stay – at – home Mom or a hardworking author looking to make some supplementary income nearest your full – era job; expert are online options out know onions for you. Here are a few freelance jobs to consider. 3 Possible Online Jobs That May Suitable For You

3 Possible Online Jobs That May Suitable For You

• Writing / proofing / editing
• Transcription
• Data Entry

Writing / Proofing / Editing

If you are well – said odd and occupy normal grammar skills than skill freelance jobs because a writer may be something to check into. The terrene of social media has opened up a integral unspoiled field of work for individuals, which albatross be done from the comfort of their own home. By the identical token, if you own gnarly grammar skills inasmuch as you may also be a candidate for slab an director with a proofing or editing job. Most virtual employers are avid to dole out a learning curve to the spick-and-span writer that will helping hand grant them to inspire their feet wet. Enlightenment of the software writing programs, coextensive because Microsoft Tete-a-tete, is accommodating.


Transcription requires an solitary to have shipshape typing skills; preferably, a typing speed of 60 – 80 WPM ( words per minute ) will be needed for this virtual position. Certain besides helps to have the dexterity to listen fresh, due to you will be taking an audio recording and transforming it into a transcript for a client. Good grammar skills and an attention to proofing your work for accuracy is also helpful. If you have a nominal acquaintance with typing you can use practice programs to increase your speed to within the recommended range. Reading a multitude of material with a close eye to punctuation and detail will also be good practice for this position. Taking the time to quiz yourself on the problem words that are easy to transcribe incorrectly will also help such as; than / then, you / your / you ‘ re and it ‘ s / its, just to name a few. Here to, having knowledge of a writing program, such as Word, is a bonus.

Data Entry

A position doing data entry for a virtual employer can be as simple as the definition of the words imply, entering data. In some cases, it can be as simple as a client wishing you to copy and past information form one form of file into another file, while alphabetizing it. Not too hard, right. In other cases, it can be more complex and involve more knowledge of other software programs, such as the ins and outs of Microsoft Excel; a spreadsheet software.

If you feel that you need more practice with any of the above mentioned software, there are some great online sites, sponsored by Microsoft, that offer free tutorials on how to use their software. You can learn more from the experts and even gain a certification in that area of software. 3 Possible Online Jobs That May Suitable For You

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