16 Facts astonishing During filming Titanic

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16 Facts astonishing During filming Titanic16 Facts astonishing During filming Titanic

In order to welcome back the release of the movie “Titanic”,  about the craziest facts that occurred during the filming was directed by James Cameron. What are they?. 16 Facts astonishing During filming Titanic

1. Leonardo DiCaprio’s pet lizard named Blizz, suffered injuries on the set. But the handsome actor was instantly take care of him and recover his favorite animal.

2. Apparently, the director James Cameron originally wanted to Gwyneth Paltrow who plays Rose DeWitt Bukater. In addition, Claire Danes and Nicole Kidman was also considered for the role.

3. Paramount Pictures Matthew McConaughey wants to play a role as Jack Dawson, but James insisted proposes Leonardo DiCaprio. And Leonardo almost refused to play that role as the lead role in the movie ‘Boogie Nights’, a film about the adult film industry in the 1970s.

4. After learning that he had to be naked in front of Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet immediately aware of the opponent, when they first met.

5. The first scene should be done by Kate and Leonardo together is when he should paint a nude picture of Rose. James did with the intention of utilizing the energy of the young actor’s nervousness.

6. James, who drew his own sketch of Rose naked, and his hand is shown in the film. The image was then auctioned and sold at a price of 16 thousand U.S. dollars (about USD 146.2 million).

7. Gloria Stuart was the oldest actress to ever receive an Oscar nomination, for her role as the old Rose, at the age of 87 years. He also was the only person who was alive when the real Titanic disaster occurred.

8. The new singer, Enya declined the opportunity to sing the soundtrack of the film. The work was then given to the composer Jack Horner. Soundtrack to the film entitled “My Heart Will Go On” is the first song of the non-musical film that won an Oscar. 16 Facts astonishing During filming Titanic

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9. Country music singer, Reba McEntire previously planned to serve as Molly Brown. However, due to his busy schedule, that role falls on Kathy Bates.

10. During the shipwreck scene, Kate is the only actor who does not use special underwear wet (wetsuit). As a result he got pneumonia.

11. 150 additional players trained on ethics and lifestyle in the 20th century. An educational video is also played over and over in the dressing room.

12. Beluga caviar is really presented in a first class dining room.

13. When the film runs out of budget, director James cut the pay as much as 8 million U.S. dollars (about USD 73.1 billion).

14. After last night of filming in Novia Scotia, someone has put the drug PCP (Angel Dust, a type of drug) into the soup that is served to the cast and crew. As a result, eighty people get sick and some of them were hospitalized.

15. When Rose looked into the sky, as he waited for rescue boats, the stars in the sky forming the constellation of the Heart of the Ocean.

16. In 2010 then, James said that the real reason he wanted to make a film that was so he could record the actual Titanic wreckage. 16 Facts astonishing During filming Titanic


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