10 Real Madrid Players with the highest salary

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10 Real Madrid Players with the highest salary10 Real Madrid Players with the highest salary

Real Madrid is one of the big European clubs are populated by world-class players. No one if they dare to invest costly to the players.
Good service, sometimes the players according to their wage, and sometimes quite contradictory.
However, there is one player who feels his salary far less than other major players. He is a midfielder Angel di Maria who recently asked for a raise to the management of El Real.

When viewed from the player’s income, he only received a salary of 21 billion dollars per year. However, facts prove, Di Maria was in the top 10 highest-paid players in the camp of Los Blancos. 10 Real Madrid Players with the highest salary
In the first and second position there is the name Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo and Kaka who receive a salary per┬áper season reached 11 million Euros. Salary is in accordance with the player’s ability in providing the productivity of the team.
Underneath is the goalkeeper Iker Casillas who earn a salary of 7.5 million Euros. Real Madrid captain is not only feasible to stem the affairs of enemy fire, but also has exceptional leadership and sportsmanship highest among his peers.

The fourth position was occupied by Mesut Ozil. German international midfielder getting a salary of 5 million euros per season. Equivalent to Ozil, there is Karim Benzema, the striker who increasingly find the sharpness under coach Jose Mourinho.
Sergio Ramos gets a new position, a central defender, was ranked sixth with 4.8 million Euros. With an increasingly uncontrollable temper, Madrid do not feel these fees in vain. Later, the fewer Ramos got a yellow card. 10 Real Madrid Players with the highest salary
Xabi Alonso was ranked seventh. Midfielder dream women around the world, earned 4.5 million euros. In the eighth, there are names Lassana Diarra with 4 million Euros. In ninth position, Pepe, a central defender who is often easy to overflow by the provocation of opponents, with 3.8 million.

10 Real Madrid Players with the highest salary

Gonzalo Higuain became the tenth player with 3.5 million Euros per season. Meanwhile, Angel di Maria could not even penetrate the 10 highest-paid players at his club.
With a salary of 1.8 million Euros per season, he lost to Hamit Altintop who earn 3 million Euros at the same time. In fact, the contribution of the long leg is clearly more promising than anyone at Real Madrid. Typical feed side of the infield has produced so many brilliant assists.

Here are 10 most expensive player at Real Madrid paid:

1. Cristiano Ronaldo (11 million Euros)
2. Kaka (11 million Euros)
3. Iker Casillas (7.5 million Euros)
4. Mesut Ozil (5 million Euros)
5. Karim Benzema (5 million Euros)
6. Sergio Ramos (4.8 million Euros)
7. Xabi Alonso (4.5 million Euros)
8. Lassana Diarra (4 million Euro)
9. Pepe (3.8 million Euros)
10. Gonzalo Higuain (3.5 million Euros)

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10 Real Madrid Players with the highest salary

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