10 Pain Pepsi What You Can Not Find In Indonesia

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10 Pain Pepsi What You Can Not Find In Indonesia

10 Pain Pepsi What You Can Not Find In Indonesia
10 Pain Pepsi What You Can Not Find In Indonesia – The following are some of the world who do not think Pepsi is sold in Indonesia, some quite unique and inviting our tastes to try, make us hungry, happy reading buddies 10 Pain Pepsi
Spoiler for Pepsi Retro:
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Pepsi this type can only be found in Mexico, Pepsi was launched in 2008, Pepsi Retro offered in cans, glass bottles can not be returned and the size of the plastic bottle PET. Gan he said, this flavor of Pepsi taste like sugar cane in the mix of raisins .. not bad huh? 10 Pain Pepsi
Spoiler for Pepsi Cucumber:
According to its name, this Pepsi taste cucumber. learned softdrink cucumber flavor? This type of Pepsi sold to the market in summer 2007, and only sold in Japan. It feels really fresh, and perfect for summer. “We want to taste that makes people keep thinking cool in summer. We thought the cucumber is perfect”, said a spokesman for Pepsi Japan. 10 Pain Pepsi
Spoiler for Pepsi Azuki:

What’s azuki? small red azuki bean which is used to add sweetness to the traditional Japanese cakes and desserts. yes, made of red bean flavor Pepsi. Azuki Pepsi was introduced to the Japanese market in late October of 2009, and made limited edition. so cool? 10 Pain Pepsi
Spoiler for pepsi ice cream:
Not much is known about the Pepsi Ice Cream, except it was only sold in Russia and it tasted like vanilla ice cream. Now it would be nice if this already .
Spoiler for pepsi shiso:

Japan is crazy. again from Japan, Pepsi Pepsi basil basil flavor is shown in shades of light green hue reminiscent of toxic nuclear waste as depicted in the cartoon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Seasoned with basil, aromatic leaves with the smell and taste a little like basil. These beverages are marketed in Japan during the summer of 2009. 10 Pain Pepsi
Spoiler for Gold:
Pepsi this one color indeed cool, but whether tau agan made of? Ginger. Pepsi Gold is designed to uplift the 2006 FIFA World Cup. Pepsi then extend the life of this beverage long enough for the holding of the ICC Cricket World Cup. Pepsi Gold is sold in a number of soccer-loving countries such as Germany, Finland, Central Europe, Middle East and Southeast Asia. Errata, IN INDONESIA NO. 10 Pain Pepsi
Spoiler for pepsi samba:

Samba? you definitely think this drink comes from Brazil. yes, You one drink is not for sale in Brazil, but in Australia and some shops in Spain. Released in the fall of 2005. Pepsi was short-lived species (not behavior) because it is less familiar to the tongue of them Caucasian. Pepsi is made of mango and tamarind. The fruit is quite popular in the Middle East, America, and Asia. But NOT Australia! Even in Australia, the supermarket provides discounts up to 15 cents for Pepsi 2-liter bottles for the samba 10 Pain Pepsi
Spoiler for pepsi blue hawaii:

Japan again, What’s weird about Japan and the taste of Pepsi? Not to mention the color … which brings us to the Pepsi Blue Hawaii, Elvis films inspired by the old and seasoned with lemon and pineapple. Yoshinoya, Japan’s fast-food chains, including Pepsi Blue Hawaii as one of three tropical drinks are available in packages Hot & Spicy. They serve it in a strange way … with pineapple chunks!
Spoiler for pepsi boom:

You can find a Pepsi Boom for sale in Germany, Italy and Spain. One of them who claim free softdrink caffeine, sugar and artificial sweeteners. and you know it? Tasteless! so if this drink, You are drinking soda will taste again without feeling! 10 Pain Pepsi
Spoiler for pepsi boabab:

10 Pain Pepsi, Pepsi with a sense of the strangest was from Japan (no surprise) because there will be a new Pepsi. So forget about Mangosteen, acai, pomegranate and goji fruit. yes, Baobab. Baobab is the most trendy new flavor of Pepsi Japan. Baobab fruit is the higher its vitamin C than oranges and offers more calcium than cow’s milk. Very good, very healthy. Baobab, also known as the Bottle Tree, is a strange tree which originated from South Africa and Australia. The fruit is commonly called “Monkey Bread” has a strange taste for the bottle of soda. 10 Pain Pepsi

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