10 Football Coach With World’s Highest Salaries

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10 Football Coach With World’s Highest Salaries

10 Football Coach With World’s Highest Salaries.
The coach plays an important role in the success of the football team. Italian newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport published the 10 most expensive football coach in the world. Below is the tenth coach.

10. Arsene Wenger (4.8 million euros per year)


Born in french October 22, 1949. Fergusson is a perennial rivals in both the media and on the gridiron. The Professor (his nickname) to be classified as a successful manager Arsenal to build a competent team in both the EPL and the Champions league. Highly reliable in establishing a number of young players like Henry, Fabregas, etc..

9. Gus Hiddink (5 million euros per year)


Born 8 November 1946 in the Netherlands. Classified as much of a coach who has acid salt. Various clubs and countries have felt the sweet touch of Hiddink. One of the phenomenal achievements was to bring South Korean national team to World Cup semifinals in 2002.

8. Louis Van Gaal (5.2 million euros per year)
Born in Amsterdam, Netherlands 8, August 1951. Kepelatihaanya debut with Ajax Amsterdam and won numerous titles with this club. He successfully made the golden generation debuted Ajax took the throne among the league champions in 1994/95. In the period 2000 – 2002 he could handle Der Oranje team but is considered failed and the name had faded. In the 2008/09 season, Van Gaal returned to find sentuhanya when carrying Dutch champions AZ dominance shifts Ajax and PSV over the years. Now he again tried his luck with Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga. 10 Football Coach With World’s Highest Salaries

7. Manuel Pellegrini (5.5 million euros per year)
Born 16 September, 1953 in Chile. Kepelatihaannya career was spent with mengangani number of clubs in Latin America. His name began to rise when successfully ramped Villarreal became the dark horse in both the Spanish league maupaun European competition until now he was recruited by Real Madrid. However, for failing, he fired the giant club.


6. Carlo Ancelotti (6 million euros per year)
Born June 10, 1959 at Reggiolo Italy. Kepelatihaanya career peak when it successfully won numerous trophies with the Italian giants, AC Milan. He was listed as one of the people who won the Champions League either as players or coaches. Ancelotti is currently coached England, Chelsea.

5. Roberto Mancini (6 million euros per year)
Born 27 ovember 1964 Ancona, Italy. Is a young manager who is considered potential. Really liked typical attack formation. His name appears on the surface when it became an assistant coach from Sven Gorran Erricson while at Lazio. Once considered quite successful in lazio in the period 2002-2004, he was eventually joined the Italian giants, Inter Milan. Currently he trains Manchester City.

4. Sir Alex Ferguson (7 million euros per year)
Born December 31, 1941 in Glasgow, Scotland. One of the best manager of all time. Is an important figure behind the founding of emperium European giants Manchester United.

3. Fabio Capello (11 million euros per year)
An Italian manager. Is an example of cold-handed coaches are more concerned with results rather than the game. He had felt the golden era with AC Milan in the period of the 90s with a trio of Dutch.

2. Jose Mourinho (11 million euros per year)

Born 26 January 1963, Mourinho is famous for the dapper and eccentric style that often provoked controversy in the press media. As a young coach Mourinho was already famous genius was his ability to analyze the tactics of the game. Began to appear on the surface when reaching Champions League with FC Porto in 2004 with the conquest of AS Monaco 3-0 in the finals. As a result he was recruited chelsea who was then being in the process of building a common European emperium Abrahamovic her.
One of the famous statement that dilontarkanya when joined with Chelsea is the first time, “Do not call me arrogant, but I was European champion, and I thought I was a special person”.

1. Fellipe Scolari  (16.6 million euros per year)
Born 9 November 1948 in Passo Fundo, Rio Grande do Sul. Big Phil (his nickname) started his career climb since managed to bring Ronaldo cs lifted the 2002 World Cup trophy. 10 Football Coach With World’s Highest Salaries


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